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Automated Storage

and Retrieval Systems


We offer high-tech automatic solutions for your warehouse automation.

Our staff thoroughly analyzes the customer's needs and the characteristics of the goods to be stored, developing and proposing the most suitable automated system.

In that respect, the best solution is also proposed for particular logistical problems that require specific in-depth study (storage of coils, sheets, bars, wood sheets, etc.).

We coordinate all the design phases, from the initial design to the final testing on-site.

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Solutions for pallets

AS/RS for pallets and bins

The automated storage system with high load bearing capacity and high reliability


The automated storage systems for pallets and large containers are storage systems in which the load units are handled by means of automated storage and retrieval machines that run on rails, with a single or double mast frame depending on the requirements of the system.
Automated storage and retrieval systems are equipped with different gripping systems (such as telescopic forks or the like), for the storage and picking from single or dual depth shelves, making this solution highly adaptable to a wide range of materials and handling needs.
All the software related to the automated storage and retrieval system is supplied and implemented. This manages not only the automated storage and retrieval system itself but the entire warehouse logic including the areas at ground level, loading docks, packing, and shipping areas.

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Solutions for pallets

Multi-depth AS/RS

High storage density for the maximum use of space

In addition to conventional automated storage and retrieval systems using either single or dual depth shelves, we offer also other solutions that enable exceptional space utilization and high storage densities.

The shuttle storage system uses shuttles that store and pick up the load units autonomously. This solution is able to store a large number of pallets on each level, optimizing all the available storage space.
The multi-depth automatic storage systems are managed by the warehouse management software, specially developed to be easily integrated with different logistics solutions, including corporate information systems.

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Solutions for pallets

Clad-Rack Warehouses

High-level engineering solutions

The main characteristic of self-supporting automatic storage systems lies in the fact that the structure, that is, the shelving together with the automatic handling systems, is calculated and constructed in such a way that it can support walls and roofs so as to become a real building.

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Solutions for pallets

Handling Shuttle fast Ring

Improved management of incoming/outgoing flows of the automated storage system

Fast ring, the special designed monorail shuttle, is a handling system that, when installed at the head of automatic storage systems, sorts the pallets to be fed into the automated storage and retrieval systems and vice versa.

Each individual shuttle picks the pallets from the loading positions and returns them to the unloading or picking positions.
Each Fast-Ring shuttle has its own electric panel that communicates with the ground station via radio frequency and, thanks to the use of an integrated system, offers excellent performance by significantly improving the management of internal logistics.

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FerrettoGroup_handlingshuttlefastring (2
FerrettoGroup_handlingshuttlefastring (3
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Solutions for boxes and bulk product

Miniload AS/RS

High picking and storing performance

The miniload automatic storage systems are designed to meet the need for storage and handling of small parts placed inside containers made of various materials and in different sizes, from cartons or plastic boxes to trays.
The automated storage and retrieval systems used are characterized by high service speed with the aim to ensure reduced picking-storage times and highly dynamic features.
They are also provided with picking tools which can vary depending on the characteristics of the load units and the handling requirements.
This type of automatic storage solution is particularly suited to improve the performance of picking activities in assembly lines or shipping departments.
The Miniload automatic storage systems are managed through WMS software, which can be fully integrated with the customer's operating system.

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Solutions for boxes and bulk product

Special AS/RS

Tailor-made storage systems as a function of the load units to be handled

These automatic storage systems are equipped with special automated storage and retrieval machines, depending on the load units to be handled, such as coils, sheets, bars, wood sheets, etc.
We provide customers with a wide range of solutions to optimize picking and handling depending on the load unit, such as rotating picking, dragging picking, suction cup picking, and other specific solutions.

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Vertical Storage Systems


Vertical storage systems for space optimization and improvement of picking and storage operations.

The Vertical Lift module Vertimag and the Vertical carousel Eurot are “goods-to-person” automated storage and retrieval systems that offer many benefits to production, warehouse and distribution centers:

  • Maximize the square footage: by taking advantage of the unused overhead space of the facility, these solutions allow you to store more in less space, avoiding the need for facility expansion and/or relocation project;

  • Improve efficiency in picking and fulfilment: by delivering the required tray or shelf directly to the operator in just few seconds, they eliminate the time spent walking and searching for parts. Operators are more accurate and faster, and the order picking process is optimized;

  • Better traceability and real-time inventory: all picking operations are monitored and documented to offer full traceability of the orders and monitor inventory in real time;

  • Improve workers condition: parts are automatically delivered to the optimum ergonomic retrieval height reducing unnecessary lifting, bending, ladder climbing and walking which expose them to potential injuries.


Automatic Storage for Bars αnd Plates


Vertical lift modules for

bars and plates / steel tower

Automatic Vertical Lift Module for storage and picking of plates, metal sheets, slabs and profiles

Steel Tower is a high-density storage system for bars, profiles, plates and metal sheets designed with a single tower (MM models) or double tower (MB models) modules.

The loading and unloading of the unit load is performed by means of an elevator. For the metal sheets there is a frame for coupling and uncoupling the material in the tray.

All operations, including maintenance, take place in complete safety thanks to the mechanical structure, sensors and safety devices.


AS/RS for plates

Automated storage and retrieval system with stacker crane for plates, metal sheets and slabs

The automated storage systems for plates and metal sheets are systems in which the unit loads are handled by means of stacker cranes that slide on rails, with different configurations depending on the characteristics and intended use of the system.

Specific trays are used to handle and store the materials.

The stacker cranes are equipped with pick-up tools such as telescopic forks or dragging devices designed to pick-up or drop-off trays.

Usually, these systems are connected to sheet metal working areas adjacent to the storage system and can also be used to store semi-finished or finished products.



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