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A new project in Cyprus for Industrial Solutions Department.

The experienced technical team of Sabo S.A. has completed an important project in Cyprus in cooperation with Elysee Irrigation Ltd.

Automatic transporting line for carton boxes of random dimensions coming through different production machines.

The system transports the boxes from the production area to the warehouse in a higher level through a vertical elevator, optimizing by this way the facility production area allowing critical space needed for employees or products storage.

A checkweigher is installed at the entrance of line to ensure the reliable weight inspection.

After the product code is identified through a reader, able to recognize barcode and data matrix, the special designed sorting system guides the boxes to one of the four buffer lines.

An automatic order processing system is integrated which is able to sort the random carton boxes coming from the different production machines at the required buffer end line based on the specific order fulfillment info that customer’s ERP system gives.

Many thanks to Elysee Irrigation Ltd. for the cooperation!


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