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A new year, a new challenge, a new success!

Aktualisiert: 4. Aug. 2022

We take great pride in having completed the first ME-C engine Tacho Shaft renewal ever taken place by a Greek Squad!

Our Engineers have taken care of a 6G60ME-C beauty by conducting a complete scope of works concerning the replacement of Tacho Shaft and the Crank-Angle Encoding System Overhaul.

The Tacho system had been triggering continuous alarms in ECS, compromising the operation of the engine. The old Shaft was measured and found out of limits. A new shaft was installed and properly aligned as per maker’s specifications. New Crank-Angle Encoders with their respective bearings and compensators were installed and adjusted, and the electrical equipment (amplifiers, MPC, Pick-up sensor) was thoroughly checked. Finally, the system’s operation was tested successfully.

Our best wishes to the vessel and her crew for a safe and prosperous 2022!

SABO Marine Services: Respect the Team, Respect the Job!


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