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Another impressive achievement completed by the dedicated personnel of SABO’s Industrial Solutions.

The experienced technical team of SABO has successfully completed a project concerning the palletizing of carton trays with cans on behalf of Damavand S.A.

The project consists of the conveying system for the products after the shrink-wrapping machine and a fully automatic robot palletizer at the end of the line.

  • Through special designed mechanisms the packs are stacked and rotate according to the requested pattern per product.

  • In the following stage the palletizing robot grips the products from the picking station and loads them into the wooden pallet. The robot is also capable of gipping 3 different types of empty pallets from the storage area and feed the system with empty pallets automatically.

  • In the final stage, when the loading of the pallet is completed, the filled pallets are transported through roller conveyors at the exit of the line in order to be picked by the forklift.

SABO undertook the design, construction and installation of a tailor-made solution had to meet customer’s needs with the aim of achieving high productivity and optimal utilization of the existing space.


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