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Automation systems’ upgrades on behalf of Barilla Hellas factory.

Through our very good cooperation that we have developed with the BARILLA Group, we are excited to announce that our dedicated team has completed the modernization of the carton transmission line automation.

The production line is located at the factory in Thebes and consists of an elevator and 9 stations that transport cartons. The old automation system was replaced with a modern electrical panel, choosing components such as Siemens PLC of the S7-1500 series, Siemens KTP900 control display (EMI), Danfoss FC280 speed controllers and PAC3200 power meter.

The new control system provides constant monitoring of the production process, prevents possible failures that might lead to disruption in manufacturing, direct analysis and resolution of failures and increasing productivity through the in-line automation improvements that the PLC offers. Furthermore, the installed Siemens PAC3200 power meter provides needed information on achieving the optimal power management and savings.

Our qualified personnel in collaboration with major electrical equipment manufacturers provide new technologies and innovative solutions with 24/7 technical support after the delivery of each project.


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