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Completion of a new power distribution project for an aluminum processing company

SABO S.A. has successfully completed another power distribution project for a customer that is active in the processing of Aluminum, in the area of ​​Oinofyta and concerns a new investment in a production line.

The project concerns design and Panel-building of one LVD 5000 A (85kA) and two reactive power compensation panels of the x-Energy series, Eaton with a total capability of 1600kVAR.

The distribution boards were designed by our experienced engineers and its construction was done in our production facilities in Vassiliko, Evia.

The panel was delivered in 2 sections at the customer's premises where it was placed in the final position and connected by our specialized technicians.

SABO S.A., as an official partner and licensed Panelbuilder of EATON for the xEnergy panel series, continues to offer solutions in the field of energy distribution.

We offer our customers electrical panels with state-of-the-art design according to the new standard IEC / EN 61439, emphasizing safety and high-quality manufacturing.


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