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Construction - Installation & Delivery of a New Distribution Panel

SABO SA, known for building strong partnerships with its customers, has recently completed another project on behalf of a Large International Group that manufactures cans and food containers.

The project started with a visit to the client's premises in Corinth where all the details of the existing electrical installation (electrical panel's circuit breakers, cable routes, etc.) were identified as well as the needs that the new panel should meet. In close collaboration with the technicians of the factory, we defined the location of the new panel, the new cable routes and all the interventions that had to be carried out during the installation.

The design of the project was completed having as a priority any safety regulations as well as the smooth production process during the installation works. Thus, almost all the work was carried out without interruption of electricity supply. A short break was only needed while changing the route and connecting the power cables to the new panel.

Proper design, planning and implementation of the project resulted in achieving client’s satisfaction.

This project built a solid foundation for another collaboration that is going to be continued in the future.

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