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Continuing the strong collaboration with “Lajthiza Invest”

“Lajthiza Invest” SH.A the well-known producer of premium water in Albania and Sabo SA continue the strong collaboration with another new project.

Lajthiza has assigned to Sabo the design, construction and installation of a complete automatic system for conveying loaded pallets through roller and chain conveyors including a pallet elevator system for lifting the pallets from the ground to the 1st floor.

The system is able to keep a buffer for the pallets at the entrance and exit conveyors and also is designed in such way in order to work for lift but also lower the pallets.

As always our engineering team gave special attention on the study and designing of the safety systems of the line.

A complete mechanical and electrical safety system will be installed for the personnel and equipment safety and for the compliance with the applicable safety regulations (CE-Machinery Directive).

The project is under construction and will be competed in the next months.

We would like to thank “Lajthiza Invest” SH.A for the cooperation.


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