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FAGE & SABO - A long-term cooperation based on mutual trust.

SABO continues its long-standing and strong cooperation with FAGE, completing another project of robotic palletizing systems. The cooperation of the two companies initiated several years ago with the installation of the first robotic cells in the FAGE factory and was enhanced within the following years with new equipment facilities of the latest technology.

Recently, SABO, in collaboration with FAGE, implemented the installation of another fully automated robotic palletizing line. More specifically, the project includes equipment for handling and palletizing with a robotic arm carton tray with yogurt cups.

The carton trays are transported and grouped with appropriate devices before being picked up by the robotic arm.

The system is designed to undertake safely and accurately their positioning on the pallet, according to the palletizing patterns selected depending on the type of product, contributing to the constant and uninterrupted production process.

The line operates cups of different dimensions and weight with the ability to automatically change the format without the need for human intervention. The design of the conveying systems and the robot gripper was completed by the specialized R&D department of SABO taking into account the type of each material, the limited space in the installation ensuring the smallest possible footprint and the high requirements of the production process.

All procedures were carried out always having as priority the safety of the staff and the equipment, which is applied to any project undertaken by the SABO Group. Following the regulations, all the necessary safety systems were installed to prevent personnel from entering the workplace of the robotic cell, so that the entire installation is fully coordinated with the applicable safety regulations (CE - Machinery Directive).

Apart from that the line was tested in our premises in the presence of the customer, simulating the production conditions in regard to the speed as well as its operation by the staff.

In the final stage of the project, the equipment was transported to the customer's factory where the final installation and the tests in real conditions (Site Acceptance Tests) were carried out in order to ensure that the installation meets the desired and required criteria.


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