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FAT for a new automated loading system with 3 Fanuc robots

A large project on behalf of an important customer in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our customer wanted to automate the process of loading IV bags onto trays for sterilization.

Sabo designed and constructed a highly advanced robotic system able to work with a big variety of different type of products.

The system is taking over the conveying of the bags after the filling station to the loading robots where a special inline vision system is installed to identify the exact position of the bags on the conveyor.

The two loading robots take over the loading of the bags on the trays in a preferred orientation for each different product.

Then, another robot with high lifting capacity and special designed gripper is able to lift and stack the loaded trays as well as unstack the empty trays.

The loaded trays are transferred automatically through roller conveyors at the entrance of the sterilizers.

A complete automatic line that meets all the strict requirements that pharmaceutical industry requires.


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