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First installation of an automated vertical storage system in Greece!

SABO continues to offer innovative, reliable, and high-performance solutions in respect of automatic warehouses, in partnership with the Ferretto Group.

Automatic systems for handling and storage any kind of load, such us pallets, carton boxes, crates etc. operating without human intervention.

The special designed tailor-made software (WMS) while being connected with ERP, undertakes:

  • warehouse management, by determining the content and exact location of the products, and

  • automatic export of the products when requested according to the order that is in progress.

In the context of the good cooperation between the two groups, SABO during the forthcoming months will proceed with the installation of the first automated vertical storage system in Greece, on behalf of an important customer involved in the heavy industry sector. The project includes the supply, installation, and commissioning of a vertical storage system (Vertimag).

The system adapts to the needs of each application, meeting the client’s requirements offering safe product storage, increased productivity, and ergonomics.



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