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New Automatic Pallet Conveyor for Lajthiza!

Our brand-new automatic system for conveying loaded pallets through roller and chain conveyors is just delivered to our long-term partner Lajthiza Invest SH.A.!

Also, a pallet elevator system is installed for lifting and lowering the pallets from the ground to the 1st floor, up to 7 mt height. It is about a Prorunner mk10 vertical pallet lift from Qimarox, which ensures the minimal footprint, reliable operation, and high-speed production.

In the context of our long-term cooperation with Lajthiza, we undertook the design, construction, and installation of a tailor-made solution designed to meet our customer’s special needs with the aim of achieving high productivity and optimal utilization of the existing space.

Special attention was given from our engineering team to the safety systems for the compliance with the applicable safety regulations (CE-Machinery Directive).


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