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Rolling mill automation upgrade for the aluminum industry.

Continuing a very successful cooperation with the Aluminum Industry in Oinofyta, our company has undertaken and is already carrying out a project regarding the electrical and automation upgrade of a refurbished line of aluminum rolling mill quatro type.

Supplies new electrical panel with length over five meters with new drives for all consumers. Siemens DC converters were used especially for the DC motors of the mill, the winding and rewinding motors.

The latest Siemens S7-1500 series with safety cards was used for the automation in order to upgrade the safety of the line. Finally, a 15 "Siemens Comfort touch screen was installed to monitor the production, the condition and the handling of the machine.

With this project, the renewal and improvement of the operation of the existing line is achieved, so that it can produce successfully for many more years.

The project is in the final phase of testing and is expected to be delivered to our customer for use soon.


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