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SABO Power & Automation: Constantly next to the Greek Industry!

In any problem that arises in the fields of Electric Power and Automation we are always there to meet the needs of Greek Industry. Lately we have had to support our partners in difficult situations such as:

Large Recycling Industry in Schimatari, after abrupt production shutdown, was needed support that required in a very short time:

  • Design, manufacturing and replacement of the General Distribution Board.

  • Re-wiring and replacement of damaged components in the main production machine.

  • Inspection and fault repair of the Electrical Automation Panel.

  • Testing and start-up.


Respectively, in the Brick Industry also in Schimatari, after a need that arose we proceeded immediately to interventions in the 20/0.4 kV Substation such as:

  • Repair of a Distribution Transformer and replacement of a second one

  • Replacement of the Medium Voltage Switchgear

  • Tests and start-up.

Our team consisting of experienced Engineers and Technicians and it is always ready to undertake action in difficult situations, which require state of the art technical intervention and solutions in a very short time.


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