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Safety & Automation Upgrade to Plastic Sheet Wrapping Machine

The upgrade works of the electrical safety equipment and automation in a plastic sheet wrapping machine have been completed.

The security upgrade consists of the addition of light curtains as well as the addition of modern emergency stop buttons around the machine. The machine stops if the perimeter is violated during operation.

The peculiarities of the application are:

a) Depending on the type of product the perimeter changes and therefore different light curtains are taken into account

b) Production phases require different safety functions.

The solution was provided using safety PLC Siemens S7-1512 SP exclusively for the automation of the safety system.

The upgrade also includes:

  • Change of the old PLC of automation of the machine from Siemens S5-95U to newer generation.

  • Installation of a touch screen for monitoring and operating both the safety system and the operation of the machine.

With this project the best and safe operation of an important old machine for many more years is achieved.


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