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Upgrading of Electrical Installation for fish hatchery facilities in Evia.

SABO Power & Automation sector has successfully completed the electrical installation upgrade for fish hatchery facilities.

Aiming at providing a complete solution as well as the maximum efficiency of the installation for our client we undertook the following:

  • Identify the locations and investigate the condition of all the existing Electrical Panels and prepare updated electrical drawings for all included circuits .

  • Study, design & construction of new Electrical Panels to replace the ones needing replacement.

  • Study & design of new grounding grid for enhancing the existing system.

  • Selection & design of new routing for power and grounding cables.

This is a project requiring special handling due to the conditions of increased humidity of the installation. So, we had to make sure that all constructions are made by selecting and using appropriate materials, to provide safety and durability over time! In particular, polyester enclosures, PVC cable trays as well as tinned copper for grounding connections were used.

Our experienced engineers carried out all the work without disturbing hatchery operations!


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