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Webinar on "Prostate Cancer Prevention & Treatment".

We wore our movember “mustaches”, the driving symbol of this great initiative for cancer awareness, prevention and early diagnosis of men’s health issues.

Ensuring the health & wellbeing of our employees and their families, is a vital and strategic part of SABO group’s business operation, demonstrating our commitment to solidarity, responsibility and human sensitivity.

In the context of SABO group’s corporate social responsibility strategy, a webinar on "Prostate Cancer Prevention and Treatment" was held, an initiative of the HR Group of ΕΛΛΑ-ΔΙΚΑ ΜΑΣ and the Hellenic Entrepreneurs Association.

The webinar aimed to raise awareness around health issues among employees and, particularly, to highlight the importance of preventing prostate cancer while underlining the company's vision for a health and sustainable future.

We warmly thank Mr. Pavlos Efhtimiou, General Director of the Hellenic Entrepreneurs Association (E.EN.E), as well as our speakers for their scientific approach, Gerasimos Alivizatos, Director of the Urology Department, Hygeia Hospital, Dr. Med Vassilios Golezakis, Consultant Urologist - Robotic Surgeon, Dr Athanasios Dellis, MD, PhD, FEBU, Associate Professor of Urology, UOA, Savvas Savvopoulos, Psychiatrist – Psychoanalyst, Analyst of the Hellenic Psychiatric Association & Konstantinos Stravodimos, Professor of Urology, UOA.


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