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LASER Labeling and Identification Systems

Laser marking systems are an efficient solution, suitable for marking on organic materials, polymers, resin, glass and ceramics.

Also usable for marking on labels designed with special materials or treated with special photosensitive paints.

Laser marking Is a “contact free print” technology that offers a range of undeniable benefits compared to alternative processes.

Lasers provide the most advanced marking and encoding system, a process that is both efficient and effective. An investment with a certain return that is easily quantifiable.

Arca offers a complete range of markers, accessories, protection and suction systems that allow laser technology to be fully exploited Arca laser markers feature solid construction and safe operation.

Built in stainless steel and available in the IP65 version, these laser markers are very robust and make use high level components.

No improvisation:

the best laser sources and focal lenses available anywhere in the world, offering top performance and life expectancy for leading global technology.


- Indelible: laser marking is forever!

- Cost efficient: lasers don’t require any consumables(e.g., no liquid ink or thermal transfer ribbon required)

- High graphic quality that is always absolutely constant over time.

- Unparalleled productivity: thanks to the possibility of continuous operation, with no down time for replacing consumables lasers provide a “NON-STOP” marking system!

- Minimum maintenance requirements: thanks to an absence of moving parts and components subject to wear.

- Eco-friendly: lasers don’t produce any residual waste

- Absolutely clean: light is clean!


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