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SABO Marine Services: First Domestic Milestone

Aktualisiert: 4. Aug. 2022

We are happy to announce that we have successfully undertaken our first great domestic project at Onex Shipyards, Syros!

Our Engineers, supported by the vessel’s crew and the local Shipyard, undertook the full scope of the maintenance works related to the 6S50ME-B9.3 Engine and completed the task successfully and in time.

Fuel Oil Pressure Boosters, Exhaust Actuators, HPS & HCU Accumulators, Lubricators and ELFI Valves, have been dismantled, overhauled and reassembled on the engine, all according to the highest standards and makers’ specifications.

All components have been overhauled and tested successfully in order for the safe, reliable and environmentally friendly operation of the Engine to be maintained until its next 5y special survey.

We wish calm seas and safe voyages to the vessel and its crew!

We thank Onex Shipyards for accommodating us at their premises and for their valuable support!

SABO Marine Services: Respect the Team, Respect the Sea!


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