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One of the most significant projects of Industrial Solutions Dpt. has been successfully completed

The company Gr. Sarantis S.A. assigned SABO to design, manufacture and installing a fully automated line for conveying, palletizing and packaging carton boxes.

The project includes the conveying of carton boxes from 2 production lines through special transport systems in a higher level with a total length of 180 meters. The project begins by receiving the carton boxes from the exits of the 2 production lines, which are transported within the production areas to the warehouse area.

At the first stage the palletizing line receives the carton boxes which are grouped according to the palletizing patterns through systems equipped with servomotors. Additionally, the robotic arm with a special gripper driven by servomotors, is designed to be adjusted according to various dimensions of the products to be managed.

The system includes:

- fully automated handling of both empty and full pallets through automatic destacker capable of supplying empty pallets to the line and

- pallet transport wagon ensuring the smooth operation of both production lines simultaneously.

Since the pallets are being loaded by the robotic arm, they end up in an automatic stretch wrapping machine offering the opportunity to add a top sheet with the aim of protecting the products during transport.

Apart from that the project includes a special software which is developed by SABO's R&D automation team assigned to be controlled by the end user. Thus the end user is able without the need of specialized staff to easily and quickly add additional palletizing programs or modify existing ones through a user-friendly interface.


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