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SABO S.A. & ARCA partnership: New S-Series Labelers

SABO S.A., honoring its partnership with the top, worldwide Italian manufacturer of labelling systems, ARCA, is proud to present their new accomplishment. The new series, S SERIES 4.0, the most complete so far series of self-adhesive labelers able to meet the new challenges of INDUSTRY 4.0.

Stands out for:

  • Flexibility

  • Simplicity and cleanliness

  • Efficiency

  • Productivity

The new S SERIES, includes 7 models for every need of modern industry. All models share 80% of the electromechanical components to ensure the reliability and competitiveness resulting from standardization; as well as the reduction of spare parts, interface

uniformity and integration logic.

With the ability of handling labels up to 350mm/13,77’’, in width, and speeds up to 200m/min (depending on the model).

With the ability of installing various printing systems like:

  • T.T. Thermal Transfer

  • T.I.J. Thermal Inkjet

  • Fiber laser marker

Maximum possibilities of bidirectional communication 4.0; integration into any line and to SCADA software; mobile connectivity.

An extraordinarily touch screen interface intuitive, it makes using the Arca 4.0 labelers! Everything is quick; making mistakes is impossible, operation it is guided and safe

Thanks to the high-quality components, Arca labelers are suitable for any industrial context. With a life expectancy above 20 years, even in the most difficult conditions (critical environments and large workloads), guarantee top performance and reliability of the market.


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